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Jan 2018

RTFB: Episode 17 - Foreigner

A Felicitous New Year to you! In this episode Rachel and Elena are joined by our cosplay pal  - engineer and Paidhi fan, Eli. This marks the first book we've read on RTFBPodcast in which one of the hosts has the book tattooed on her body.... so yea this book was OK, we guess. Of COURSE, this is one of Rachel's all-time favorites and she's pretty happy to get to talk about CJ Cherryh's Foreigner novels!

CJ Cherryh's genre-bending epic begins with Foreigner, the political adventures of a government employee serving as the lone human allowed amidst the formidable, inscrutable, Atevi. It's space ships, jump-point errors, assassins, tea sets and seat of your pants negotiations as only a dictionary-maker with an extreme sense of duty can serve it. (Always Kabiu). Spoilers: the hero is kind of a huge nerd.



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